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Pick my brain! I dare ya!

Ever wanted to sit down with me and just pick my brain about all the things? Did you know you can? What's even better is, I encourage you too! Mentorships are my fav! I love sharing all the secrets and educating others. If you wonder what a day of mentorship with me is like, let me show you!

I cater to you !

Before your mentor day, I inquire about what all it is that I can help you with. Maybe you want to just tag along with me and see how I shoot, my workflow and set up! If so I will chat with you about what you would like to see from our shoot. With the shoot you see here, AneMarie from AneMarie Photography traveled all the way to me form Arizona to come and spend the day with me. She wanted to run a special when she got home for a best friend session. She also wanted to see bright and fun. Well guess she knew she came to the right lady for that! I gathered up two of my flamingos, put them in their Sunday best and it was game on! Never mind that it was dead winter, 40 degrees and EARLY morning, we put our big girl undies on and became unstoppable! AneMarie got some much needed content, and I got to show her how my workflow went about! She had recently converted over to Sony and was unsure how to use it to it's full potential! Well she was in luck because Sony a7iii is one of the cameras I shoot with too! It was so fun to watch her face light up as she began to realize what all the LIVE VIEW has to offer and to see the mind bending angles you are able to achieve with its moveable screen.

But wait there is so much more!

Shooting can be just ONE of our aspects but don't let that stop you, because there is so much more ! I am 100% and open book in all aspects of life. Sometimes it's great and sometimes I am sure my friends wish I had a filter. But one thing you can count on, if you ask me a question, I'll let you know the answer. So take advantage of this! Do you want to know how I edit? I'll show ya! Want to chat about my large rep team? Let's chat! Curious how I book up a year in advance? Bring it! I am here for you and all the questions you have!

Want to mentor in person but it's just not possible right now?

I TOTALLY get this. My life is C.R.A.Z.Y. and as much as I want to go to Conferences, workshops, heck VACA, most of the times my schedules is to bonkers. But no worries, I got you boo! The only perk out of COVID is the face we have now somewhat mastered the art of online/ virtual stuff! So, let's do it! Just don't be surprised if I make you show me your fur babies or if connections interrupt our chats.

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